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Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

University Ownership and Governance

University of the Ozarks is owned by a volunteer Board of Trustees with a membership ranging from 21–27. As owners of the corporation, the Board and its individual trustees are considered fiduciaries, committed to act prudently, in good faith, with care and loyalty, in their work to support and promote the mission of the University.

Board Officers

The officers of the Board are the chair, the chair-elect and the secretary.

Board Committees

Standing Committees of the Board include: Academic and Student Affairs, Advancement, Finance and Facilities, Endowment, Enrollment and Marketing, Governance, Executive

Terms of Office

Trustees are elected to three-year terms of office and may be eligible for election to a second, consecutive three-year term. Trustees who have served for two consecutive terms must sit out for at least one year before becoming eligible for election to a new term on the Board, unless duly elected to serve as an officer of the Board (chair, chair-elect, or secretary), or as a committee chair or vice-chair, in which case the Trustee may serve until the term of office has expired.

Responsibilities of Trustees

The responsibilities of the Board are consistent with those recommended by the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB): 1. Establish, disseminate, and keep current the institution’s mission. 2. Select a chief executive to lead the institution. 3. Support and periodically assess the performance of the chief executive and establish and review the chief executive’s compensation. 4. Charge the chief executive with the task of leading a strategic planning process, participate in that process, approve the strategic plan and monitor its progress. 5. Ensure the institution’s fiscal integrity, preserve and protect its assets for posterity, and engage directly in fundraising and philanthropy. 6. Ensure the educational quality of the institution. 7. Preserve and protect institutional autonomy and academic freedom. 8. Ensure that institutional policies and processes are current and properly implemented. 9. In concert with senior administration, engage regularly with the institution’s major constituencies. 10. Conduct the board’s business in an exemplary fashion and with appropriate transparency, adhering to the highest ethical standards; ensure the currency of the board governance policies and practices; and periodically assess the performance of the board, its committees and its members.

Current Board Members

Sherilyn Poole, Chair
Susan Pinson, Chair-Elect
Peter Van Dyke, Secretary

Class of 2022

Arvid Bean
Jim Bruning
A.O. Curran
Ann Patterson
Susan Pinson
Sherilyn Poole
Sue Tull
Peter Van Dyke
Ed Wilkinson

Class of 2023

Brent Burks
Callie Daniels
David Frueauff
Ray Hobbs
Becky Jones
Bill McIntyre
Mike Powell
Angela Spencer
Eric Steinmiller
Kendall Wagner

Class of 2024

Chris Allen
Buck Hill
Denton Tumbleson

Lifetime Trustees

Lee Bodenhamer
Robert W. Bohl
Peggy Jones
Helen McElree
William Rail
Mary Anne Shula

Ex Oficio Members

Sherilyn Poole, Board Chair
Richard Dunsworth, University President
Susan Edens, Faculty Senate Rep.
Rev. Gary Dill, Synod of the Sun

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